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Re: Logrotate weekly prerotate everyday?

> Hello Folks:
> I call a local script from...
>     /etc/logrotate.d/apache
> ...in Debian 3.0 to run Analog reports. It is supposed to run once a 
> week, but it runs every day:

It seems that the "sharedscripts" causes this: with "sharedscript" the 
prerotate script is always executed (logrotate 3.5.9).

In fact if I use  "nosharedscripts" the prerotate is executed only if a log 
file is actually rotated, but it is executed once for each rotation.

It is somewhat understandable, but when the rotation involves several log 
files, I think it is more desiderable to exec prerotate if and only if one of 
the log files need rotation? My be...

Niccolo Rigacci

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