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RE: Hardware IDE RAID-1 controller recommandation

Hello Steven,

Am 10:09 2002-12-03 +1300 hat Jones, Steven geschrieben:
>all over the place does not incl NZ.
>Choice is very limited here in NZ, Id like a 3ware but its try and get
>someone in the US to sell & send it to me at a sane price (international
>shipping hence no warrantee) or get it from OZ at a horrendious price with
>again no warrantee. A 4 port 3ware unit is looking $1400AU+ like
>$700US+....then i have to pay Customs off so another 12.5%, way too much.

I have heard about stuff like this...

A two chanel RAID-1 Controller for two Harddisks for 480 US$ ;-))

For the quarter price I get a used SCSI-RAID-Controller at 'eBay'

and for the rest I can buy two NEW IBM IC35L018...


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