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Re: New approach with removable IDE RAID Backup (was: Tape Question)


> > Why tape, buy a ATA (IDE) RAID controller that allowes hot swap and
> > hot plugable devices (e.g. 3ware). Then setup a raid1 between two
> > harddiscs.
> >
> > [...]
On Wed, Aug 28, 2002 at 09:56:52AM +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> 1. as well as the raid rebuild, you still need to rsync the new/changed
> data to the raid array after a drive has been hot-swapped - and ideally,
> that should be delayed until after the rebuild has completed....does the
> 3ware unit have tools for monitoring the progress/status of the rebuild?
Yes, even logs to syslog through a 3ware daemon.

> 2. what about off-site backup?  or archiving?  i think a tape drive is
> still needed for these purposes.  drives are too fragile to carry back
> and forth between home and work every day, and still too expensive to
> just sit one on the shelf for an archive
Well, it sounds like waste but considering the price for a DLT drive (DDS3
is often too slow or too small) then its even cheaper to buy IDE drives.
Carrying around IDE drives might be dangerous but I think they should be
take no harm if one is careful. 

> archived data if the raid unit will rebuild it to the latest version as
> soon as you plug it in?)
My idea was, that the 3ware controller has at least 4 ports and my drive
bay handles 3 drives in a high of 2 5.25" bays. So I could configure the
raid to have 2 drives RAID1 and one drive just as-is. Plugging the drive
into this bay would give me a /dev/sdb or so which I could use for

Or, in this case one could use the BIOS utility or the 3ware daemon with
web frontent (usable with lynx) to reconfigure the raid before inserting
the restore drive as only drive in JBOD mode. As restores are not so common
this could be ok. At least you can even have the possibility to boot from
this drive (restoring from a tape is hard if you cannot boot anymore...)



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