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New approach with removable IDE RAID Backup (was: Tape Question)


On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 04:14:09PM +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> > I have a big size file about 33G in /home directory !!! and i wanna
> > backup this file into tape device....
Why tape, buy a ATA (IDE) RAID controller that allowes hot swap and hot
plugable devices (e.g. 3ware). Then setup a raid1 between two harddiscs.

Whenever you like to do the backup simply mount that array, rsync /home 
to it and umount again. The next morning, exchange one of the discs agains
a new one, the discs are your backup medium. The new disc will be rebuild
automatically and be available for the next backup after a few hours.

Sounds strange? Well never got the change to test it myself but it could

 - Cheaper: RAID Controller (300€) + Drive Bay (200€) + 4 drives (100€ pro
   60GB) are about 900€. This is more than competable with DAT/DDS3 and even
   more with DLT tape drives.
 - Faster and easier when restoring. Obviously, just mount it.
 - More capacity per medium. Splitting up across several media makes things

Any comments?



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