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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

> On Mon, 19 Aug 2002 06:47, Nathan wrote:
> > > And besides... having those western legistative ppl... in Australia,
> > > USA,
> > > etc. acting like children, in front of everyone... is that really
> > > something to be proud of?
> >
> > Ugh, since when did this turn into a racist political debate?
> You are the one making a racial issue out of it.
> Jason and I were making nationalistic comments which are not nearly as
> offensive as racial comments, and which are protected under free speech

I sincerely did not consider that racist. Some people are overly
politically sensitive... some people go off the handle when you say
"Asian", since "Asia" is actually comprised of many different peoples and
nations. But I'm not like that... and I believe that Russell isn't like
that either. Hopefully you weren't offended by those comments, Russell. If
you were I apologize... it was not intended as a racist remark.

> > Its a rather human trait to lose your temper, and legislators of
> > eastern countries are just as able to fly off the handle as
> > in western countries. Not that I consider Australia to be 'The West' -
> > Australia needs to forge much closer ties to it's asian neighbours,
> > needs to start thinking of itself in different terms.
> If the Asian neighbors become true democracies (instead of the farcical
> elections they have currently), give people a fair trial, and ban the
use of
> torture then I would advocate closer relations between Australia and
> countries.

Mmm... in this case, don't clump Asia together... China does that... but
remember that Hong Kong was controlled/ruled by the British for umpteen
years... so the law and commercial system is British-based. South Korea is
good.... North Korea isn't. Same goes for Vietnam... Philippines. I myself
have never been to China... don't want no trouble with them. I look
western...what happens if they think I'm falun gong or something? Haha...
anyway... many Asian countries are improving.

I know that things will get better progressively. Have a look at the
Universities in Australia (USYD, UNSW, UTS, etc.) and the USA... many of
them are from Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. Many of those graduates
then go back to their fatherland... and they take with them good english
(i don't say great... its passable) and good I.T. knowledge. However, this
hasn't been going on for very long... and China hasn't released that many
students abroad before until recently.

It will take time for these graduates to go up the ranks, until they reach
a point that they are in control and can make a change. When enough of
them do get in power, you'll notice things changing slowly... the network
admins will get savvier, laws will get clearer and more transparent,
etc... as the graduates will be able to take the good points from overseas
and bring them back to their fatherland to teach the locals there.

But it takes time. China and lots of Asia does not want to become the next
Russia. Look what democracy and "openness" did to them.

> Unfortunately Australia is getting closer to it's Asian neighbors.
> voted against allowing the UN to inspect prisons for torture.  The
> government tried to remove the right to a trial (it was defeated in the
> senate but they are expected to try again).  The Australian government
has a
> history of selling weapons to Asian countries where they are used for
> repressing civilians.

Behind the scenes a lot of dirty things go on that most of us don't know
about normally. You know Saddam Hussan (spelling?) and Osama Bin Ladin?
Guess who gave them both weapons before.... the USA.

> If things continue like this then soon all the major "western" countries
> have fascist dictatorships just like most Asian countries, and we won't
> any heated arguements or swearing in parliament/congress.

Heated arguements.. yes. But not to the point where they are screaming at
the top of their voice (Australia), or fights start to break out (Taiwan).

But yes... given the choice between swearing and argument over having a
dictatorship, i'd take the swearing any day.

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