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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

> > Ah... but if I had not brought this to light, would you have even
> > about what was happening? Also keep in mind... it was "mail sent FROM
> > the
> > USA THROUGH Asia). People in Asia have no interest in your Penis
> > Enhancements, Breast Enlargers, Free Trips to Vegas, 0% APR Credit
> > Card,
> > and all the rest of the crap that USA spammers send out.
> I believe everyone is in agreement then. Not only are you not
> interested in it, but the internet as a majority is not interested
> either. If people would stop responding to the damn spam and making it
> 0.00001% effective, we wouldn't have it. Damn that 0.00001% of the
> population!

Strange... in Australia, Hong Kong, and most Asian countries, most of that
spam doesn't even work. Not work in the sense that we can't even apply for
it. Like those "0% credit cards", "super mortages" and stuff like that. So
not only am I not interested, it doesn't work for me ;-)

> > Nope. Things like the Debian Constitution prevent any one person from
> > doing stupid and abusive things. Okay... it can happen, but by
> > following
> > rules and guidelines set out, there is far less opportunity for things
> > to
> > be abused and go wrong, don't you agree?
> It doesn't stop a group of people doing a stupid thing all as one unit,
> though, does it?

Well, presumably that is what democracy is for... so that one crooked
ruler/dictator can't fubar the whole country/company/RBL/somethingelse.
That is why we have "checks and balances". Okay, it doesn't always work
(the people can still be stupid, paid off, etc.), but that is what the USA
is based on (democracy), and that is what people are suppose to "aspire"
to in communist countries, so presumably that is "superior".

> Look, this discussion is useless. People using the Osirusoft blackhole
> are making a choice to do so. If someone tries to email them
> legitimately from a blocked subnet, and the mail doesn't get through,
> then thats their choice.

Certainly... I believe in choice... but INFORMED choice. Giving a baby
poison... it'll probably take it because it doesn't know better. Give an
adult the same, and as soon as it doesn't look quite right the person will
think twice.

Same applies here... I bet many people didn't realize Osirusoft had a
hidden "private blacklist" of it's own that was added by the creator Joe
Jared without people knowing (at least it's not listed publically anywhere
on the website, or anywhere else I can see). Probably if you trawl through
NANAE long enough you might be lucky to find someone mention it

> Just because you, or I, don't like the list or the way its run doesn't
> mean they shouldn't use it.

Again... choice is good. I use Spamcop, you can use Blars, xsleward,
whatever. But the point is... which is the point of the ORIGINAL post, was
to make people aware of the fact that Osirusoft has a hidden private
blacklist, that is independently blacklisting the upstream we use.

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