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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

> >
> > I have communicated with Joe Jared on this (not using real
> > identification), and while I won't divulge the private communications
> > on a
> > public list, the general jist is "i don't get legit emails from Asia,
> > nor
> > do people that use my list. So I could block all of Asia and no one
> > would
> > care". Those of you that use joe jared's list should be aware of his
> > opinions.
> Not going to divulge private commnications, then you go on to do that,
> only better yet, you get to paraphrase as you wish.  Assuming you even
> did have some "communication".

I made a remark... i did not divuldge private communications. Take it
whatever way you wish.

> Why did you feel it necessary to do that without "real identification"?
> Why not put your name on it?

> The better your question, the better your answer.

Why should I reveal my real name? Who's to say "Joe Jared" is HIS real
name? Anyway, I wanted to get some truths about what was going on... even
SPEWS, one of the most militant groups, and all the other "RBLs for spam
sources" are not listing iAdvantage now. Why would osirusoft pick it up
just recently?

Anyway... looking at your arguments concerning Spam in the past:

Collateral damage is, however, the only leverage one has get some
of these spam friendly ISPs and lazy admins to enforce reasonable use.

It was once said that it is better to let off 10 criminals than to put 1
innocent man in jail.

You, on the other hand, suggest it is better to put 10 innocent men in
jail for 1 criminal.

Interesting thought.

Perhaps none of your users need to communicate with Asia, including China,
Hong Kong, Korea, etc. I don't think you have many/any international
businesses using your services if the above statment by you is true. It
would be funny if one of the branches of a company in Asia cannot even
send email to their other branches because of your "strictest possible

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