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Re: mail queue's, ext3 data=journal and sync-mount

> Rumour has it that data=journal can actually improve performance in some
> situations.  If a program is writing lots of small files synchronously
> common for a mail server that has one tiny control file for every
> and the average message file isn't too big) then journalling the data
> for synchronous writes to a small (8M to 32M) region on disk (which is
> fast) and it'll then be written to it's final destination with the
> caching enabled which allows writes to be ordered for good performance.

Not rumour... I confirm I have seen the benchmarks for this somewhere. It
was in a table format... it compared EXT3 with the various options,
REISERFS which various options...

too bad I can't remember the webpage, aye? But i am sure it is there
somewhere, so I'm sure if you search long enough it'll pop up in
google.com or alltheweb.com

> Without the data=journal option ReiserFS is rumoured to beat Ext3, with
> data=journal ext3 should win.

> I would be interested in seeing benchmark data.  Also one thing I have
> thinking of doing is benchmarking Qmail vs Postfix...  ;)

Can I see a mail war brewing? ;-)

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