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Re: mail-config?

  For me a mix of qmail and fetchmail worked beautifully until I got a
static (at which point fetchmail was no longer required).  I did it all
with one machine but if you really want you could use two (though I
don't see the point).  Fetchmail would retrieve the messages when
connected and qmail would handle the delivery.  All clients would then
connect to that box and retrieve their mail.  Hope this helps,


On Thu, 2002-08-01 at 16:02, if.frijns@wanadoo.nl wrote:
> Hi Debian people.
> reading this list for a few weeks I want to put foreward this mail-question.
> What should I install to get mail to work?
> I have a small network:
> -1 debian gateway
> -2 debian boxes
> -4 Win98 PC (sorry, the kids are teached at school with word, excel etc.)
> At the moment one of the Win98 collects all the mail through the debian-gateway.
> What I want is that the gateway collects the mail from the ISP every time the dial-in connection gets up
> and every PC collect its mail from the gateway (running iptables) when they question the gateway for it.
> The gateway is NOT running as a DNS-server and uses NAT.
> What software needs to be installed on each machine?
> exim or postfix on the gateway?
> 1 debianbox runs kde, is this sufficient for collecting and sending mail?
> 1 debian box runs only bash/csh. What do I put here.
> What should be configured/changed on the WinPC's.
> In short. I don't ask how to configure exim/postfix/whatever but only what
> software to put where.
> Thank you all for your patients and help.
> Frank.
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