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Re: RCS control for config files

On Mon, 2002-07-01 at 17:41, Alex Borges wrote:
> Or any tips would be appreciated (like "i use emacs and rcs...works for
> me")
I often use a separate holding place for all config files somewhere in
/var or /opt depending the OS.  Everything is kept there in RCS(good for
locking).  I check it out in that holding area and make the necessary
changes, then use makefiles to test and install the files into /etc or
wherever.  This is enoumously helpful for catching simple typos in files
like sudoers that break easily.  So, for example, the sudoers target
would copy the new version into a chroot and then sudo -l would be run
inside.  If this is successful, then it is copied into place and rsynced
out.  It is amazingly helpful in preventing stupid mistakes that would
make users unhappy.


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