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Re: RCS control for config files

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On Monday, July 1, 2002, at 05:41 , Alex Borges wrote:
Ive finnaly come to a point where i think im needing revision control
for my configuration files on some servers....

So i thought id come in and ask you guys if there is some vertical stuff
explicitly for this purpose or if you yourselves simply cvs ci your /etc
directory et all..

Or any tips would be appreciated (like "i use emacs and rcs...works for

I use CVS and make. I like using make because it prevents me from doing stupid things like (for example) editing the aliases file and forgetting to newaliases. I set up make targets for the various typical tasks, and that way I know that "make mail" will copy aliases to /etc/aliases, virtual and main.cf to /etc/postfix, cd into /etc/postfix and do a postmap on virtual, and then do a postfix reload, so I don't have to remember to follow a checklist. Basically, anything that has more than 1 step involved to update the configuration, I try to add a target to the Makefile for.

I also prefer CVS because I can do all the configuration editing on my laptop and then just do a checkin when I get back to network access and then cvs update on the various machines I've been reconfiguring.

My personal organization preference is to have modules for mail/apache/etc with subdirectories for the various servers.

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