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Re: [Fwd: Re: Spamassasin over RBL, was Re: rblsmtpd -t?]

On Thu, 2 May 2002 21:47:07 +1000, Russell Coker
<russell@coker.com.au> wrote:
>On Thu, 2 May 2002 19:58, Glenn Hocking wrote:
>> I've found that spamcop blocks email from both GE (General Electric)
>> Pizza Hut mail servers which clients of mine need to receive.
>Are the GE and Pizza Hut cases because of mis-reporting?  Or have these
>companies spammed?
>Generally, I have found the Spam Cop blocking list to be much too
>aggressive for being useable as a filter for an ISP. They classify
>spam sources by the amount of legitimate mail they receive compared to
>the amount of spam they receive.
>Naturally, an english language organisation does not receive much
>legitimate e-mail from Germany, so they have found to frequently list
>t-online, gmx and web.de, the three largest e-mail providers for the
>german speaking countries, all three of them being pure white head
>when it comes to spam fighting.

Hold on... IS any spam coming from t-online, gmx and web.de?

Also note that Spamcop blocks points of origination... that is, afaik, it
blocks the actual sender's IP.

Now, if your IP was and the spammer's (which is blocked by
spamcop) is, then you would still not be affected, because
only the spammer's IP was blocked.

And Spamcop does *NOT* block entire ranges of IPs like other RBLs, so it
is virtually impossible for you to say that t-online, gmx and web.de are
"blocked". Only the spamming IPs within their ranges would be blocked, NOT
the entire range.

Then, if GMX and these other ISPs kick out that spammer, after 1 week that
IP is again clear, so it can again send email. If the same IP repeatedly
gets blocked, then the period gets longer, AFAIK.

This is why Spamcop's collateral damage is much lower than others in that
it does not block entire ranges, and which is why it is suitable for an
ISP or Hosting company to use.


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