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Re: Catchall for Bind?

--On 16. April 2002 10:36 +1000 Jason Lim <maillist@jasonlim.com> wrote:

I know that with some of the large domain registrars, if you point your
domain name to their parking DNS servers, a webpage shows up, regardless
of whether you informed them that you were going to park your domain
there. So that proves the above point *CAN* be done.

The question is... how....

Just let me see if I get this right:
You query their NS, say, with "host whatever.com ns.registrar.com"
and it will answer with an IP even if they are *not* responisble???
Would you have a real life example?

Anyway, I guess this would be just easy to build.
Just set up a little fake dns server like in the
Perl module sample:

Cheers, Marcel

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