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R: web-based/gui firewall administration

If you're using IPTABLES, you might have a try at IPMENU:
http://users.pandora.be/stes/ipmenu.html .
Basically, it is a curses based GUI. Being curses based means that it can be
accessed through telnet (unsafe), SSH, or even from a serial terminal.
Unfortunately I don't have any direct experience to share about IPMENU.


Sebastiano Scorbati

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Da: Robert Waldner <rw@coretec.at>
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Data: martedì 16 aprile 2002 15.08
Oggetto: Re: web-based/gui firewall administration

>On Mon, 15 Apr 2002 14:12:03 PDT, "Jeremy C. Reed" writes:
>>I have a customer that wants a easy-to-use interface for configuring a

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