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Re: Catchall for Bind?

> > > Is there any way to setup a "catch-all" BIND IP address? That is...
if a
> > > domain name has our DNS servers listed, then we automatically
resolve it
> > > to a predefined IP number (act authoritive). Sort of how you can
have a
> > > "default" virtual host in Apache.
> > >
> > > Naturally, this cannot interfere with the existing domains... just
> > > like a "fallback" if nothing is there.
> > >
> > > I was thinking this so that people could simply point their domains
> > our
> > > DNS servers, and have, perhaps, a domain parking website show up
> > > automatically without us having to add all of it.
> > >
> > > Possible? (perhaps it is already being done?!)
> > >
> > > TIA.
> Given that this seriously violates both the letter and spirit of the DNS
> protocol, I sincerely hope not. However, there *are* reasonable
> to the problem you appear to be trying to solve, at least for some
> of resaonable. One that seems likely, off the top of my head, is to use
> some form of provisioning tool (often an in-house script, natch) to drop
> in a domain with a default set of records pointing at your mail & web
> setup by default (along with, presumably, configs for those servers).

Yes, been there done that. That is exactly what we do for most webhosting
clients, since the mail server is usually the same, and since it is
virtual hosting for most clients, the IPs are the same. Clients that
request a dedicated IP or get higher range webhosting plans get a
dedicated IP (don't people realize there isn't this huge perceived

> The brave might try dynamic updates or single-domain loads in BIND 9;
> way lies fraught with... interesting times, or did a few months ago at
> (to the point that we stopped using the latter, though the former is a
> nice feature to have, and is much used today - having to wait for
> crontab reloads only for adding/removing domains, rather than any sort
> record update, is a wonderful goodness).

That is what we want to avoid. The thing is... we don't really want to
clutter our BIND config. with people just parking their domain names. Why
not just give them a particular "default" IP that everything points to,
and be done with it, rather than adding hundreds of entries for people
paying either nothing or $5 a year (you get the picture...). We have no
problem adding it for "real" clients, but parking domains seems a waste of
BIND config space.

I know that with some of the large domain registrars, if you point your
domain name to their parking DNS servers, a webpage shows up, regardless
of whether you informed them that you were going to park your domain
there. So that proves the above point *CAN* be done.

The question is... how....

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