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pam_ncp_auth and autofs advice.

Hi all,

I have a few questions that you could perhaps help me out with. What I am 
aiming for is to authenticate from a Netware server using pam_ncp_auth pam 
modules and then using autofs to mount the user's home directory.

What I have done so far is to get autofs to mount the Netware share but I 
either need to specify the plaintext password in my autofs config file (in my 
case auto.master uses auto.netware) or use a file where the passwords are 
also stored unencrypted. Is it possible to have the user prompted for the 
password when autofs mounts the netware volume? or failing that have the 
passwords stored encrypted?

It would be ideal if I could authenticate via the pam_ncp_auth pam module and 
then retain that password for use by autofs when the home directory is 
mounted. Does anyone have any ideas about how to achieve this?

Kind Regards, Fred.

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