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Re: Good POP3 server

On Thu, 11 Apr 2002 at 14:50:30 +0200, Craig wrote:
> Hi Fellows
> Has anyone got suggestions on a good pop3 server
> to use on my mail server. Something that can take
> a hammering and not ipopd, been having some 
> problems with it and qpopper I think has security 
> issues.

I'm quite satisfied with solid-pop3d ( http://solidpop3d.pld.org.pl/ ).

It handles both Mailbox and Maildir formats, bulletins (like qpopper),
expiration of messages, logs qpopper-like statistics. It uses far less
resources than qpopper (I have replaced qpopper with solidpop3d on a
system which "crawled" most of the time as users kept big mailboxes and
after that, system load dropped significantly).

The package is in Debian "testing" (woody) but it's easy to build it

Hope it helps
 Tomasz Papszun   SysAdm @ TP S.A. Lodz, Poland  | And it's only
 tomek@lodz.tpsa.pl   http://www.lodz.tpsa.pl/   | ones and zeros.

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