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Re: Mail Servers

> > Well, I guess that depends on how important the mail is, and how often
> > people "download" their mail. Obviously in an IMAP situation where
mail is
> > stored on the server, it must be safe and secure. With clients
> > i mean) downloading their mail to the desktop, the most they would
> > is they are not getting any new mail for a short while (while you fix
> There's worse, mail that has been delivered before the crash but after
> last time the user checked mail or the administrator make a backup will
> lost.

Well, true. I never said it was the best way... as you said, RAID is the
ideal solution :-)

> > Everyone hates those ultra long *confidentiality, security, legal,
> > blah* sigs. I wonder what the best, short, clear, legalistic sig is.
> > Obviously not for sending to a mail list, but for individual
> > emails.............
> Best to write a short note yourself if the message has some special
> requirements.  The only boiler-plate disclaimer that'sany good is the "I
> representing my own opinions not those of my employer" line.

Mmm... but then, what if you ARE speaking for your company, but don't want
that person to then send it off to their internal mailing list or
something like that?

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