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Re: Mail Servers

On Tue, 19 Mar 2002 06:18, Jason Lim wrote:
> > RAID is mandatory for a mail server.  Backups are difficult for mail
> servers
> > as the data is changing all the time, and they'll never be complete.
> >
> > Having a single drive failure lose all your data is unacceptable.
> Well, I guess that depends on how important the mail is, and how often
> people "download" their mail. Obviously in an IMAP situation where mail is
> stored on the server, it must be safe and secure. With clients (software,
> i mean) downloading their mail to the desktop, the most they would notice
> is they are not getting any new mail for a short while (while you fix the

There's worse, mail that has been delivered before the crash but after the 
last time the user checked mail or the administrator make a backup will be 

> Everyone hates those ultra long *confidentiality, security, legal, blah
> blah* sigs. I wonder what the best, short, clear, legalistic sig is.
> Obviously not for sending to a mail list, but for individual
> emails.............

Best to write a short note yourself if the message has some special 
requirements.  The only boiler-plate disclaimer that'sany good is the "I am 
representing my own opinions not those of my employer" line.

If you send email to me or to a mailing list that I use which has >4 lines
of legalistic junk at the end then you are specifically authorizing me to do
whatever I wish with the message and all other messages from your domain, by
posting the message you agree that your long legalistic sig is void.

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