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Re: Mail Servers

> On Mon, 18 Mar 2002 21:17, Chris Jenks wrote:
> > I hadn't even thought of using a RAID set up. I haven't had any
> > with them. Hmm.. looks like I asked the right question in the right
> > after all.
> RAID is mandatory for a mail server.  Backups are difficult for mail
> as the data is changing all the time, and they'll never be complete.
> Having a single drive failure lose all your data is unacceptable.

Well, I guess that depends on how important the mail is, and how often
people "download" their mail. Obviously in an IMAP situation where mail is
stored on the server, it must be safe and secure. With clients (software,
i mean) downloading their mail to the desktop, the most they would notice
is they are not getting any new mail for a short while (while you fix the
server). People sending email will have the mail delayed, but most mail
software (mta?) will keep trying for nearly up to a week, depending on
software. So I guess that unless lots of users are using IMAP, then it
won't be TOO bad if the disk the mail spool is on dies.

> Software RAID in Linux works quite well.  The Debian install disks don't
> support it, but if you check the archives of this list you should find a
> message from me describing how to solve that.

Yeap, with your guidance I've done that. Did it a while ago for a client.
Also had problems with the boot sequence where if the disk on the first
IDE link died, it would just sit there. Hardware RAID solved that problem.
But I suppose it really depends how the hard disk is broken... in my
individual case, the computer no longer could boot up past that point (i
think something may have been wrong with the disk spindle motor)... but

> If you send email to me or to a mailing list that I use which has >4
> of legalistic junk at the end then you are specifically authorizing me
to do
> whatever I wish with the message and all other messages from your
domain, by
> posting the message you agree that your long legalistic sig is void.

Everyone hates those ultra long *confidentiality, security, legal, blah
blah* sigs. I wonder what the best, short, clear, legalistic sig is.
Obviously not for sending to a mail list, but for individual

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