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Re: Mail Servers

At 05:34 PM 3/18/02, you wrote:
> I hadn't even thought of using a RAID set up. I haven't had any
experience with
> them. Hmm.. looks like I asked the right question in the right place
after all.
Most of us work in ISP/hosting type environments, so all your
considerations have already been considered by us before. I got help here
about optimizing outgoing email servers a while ago, and got lots of good
advice and stuff here (also discovered some new, previously undocumented
speed optimization techniques). So its all good for learning and helping
each other :-)

I've always worked on the back bone end. First at AGIS (before, durring and
after the spam days) and then at Global Crossing. This is a little different
from what I'm used to. This whole thing started in a Subway over dinner last
night. I was going to ask the Inet-Access people about it, but I had already
decided to use Woody and Exim (due to money and familiarity with Debian)
and didn't want a bunch of replies saying MTA X is better.

I figured that this list would be less biased, and I wouldn't get as many

Thanks for the help everyone


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