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Re: Mail Servers

At 01:12 PM 3/18/02, you wrote:

> > 1 What is the max user limit that woody + exim will support
> It's WAY above 500. :-)

It also seriously depends on what the hardware is. I think a 486/33 might
have a bit of trouble coping with 500 (or lets say 200-300) simultaneous
and concurrent users trying to check their email at the beginning of the
work day.

I took that thought into account, I was thinking along the lines of a P3
400 with at least 384 megs of memory. Maybe over kill but I would rather
have over kill than a dead mail server. Most of the people are factory line
workers, so I don't really think that they will all log in at once. I'm not
even sure why their management wants to give them all work email
accounts. There are two offices with 500 (that gives me some room
to play with actually, closer to 450) people in each one. I'm not sure
if one mail server could handle it or not (never set one up before). I
was also thinking of putting one in each shop for deversity.

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