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Re: Cistron-Radius Users

On Wed, 13 Mar 2002 17:26, Alex Borges wrote:
> Ive a client that wants to choos his radius platform. Despite my say
> that its not that important and that a cistron/debian/Big Baad carrier
> class hardware radius would more than take care of him (c'mon...its like
> 2000 users tops!), he still wants the lucent navis thingie..... cant
> blame him, it has some mean java apps for configuration and a very
> propietary language for (get this) "Policy speciffication" (which is
> long for fallback authent).
> The only thing that would move him is if I get some success stories from
> using cistron radius....the bigger the number the better. So, you guys
> know of BIG names (or numbers) using cistron radius??

I've worked on two large RADIUS server installations.  One was running 
FreeRADIUS (a PERL based RADIUS server that's slow as a dog but even so is 
able to serve requests for 1,000,000 users).  The other was running a RADIUS 
server that has since been bought out by Cisco.

The Cistron RADIUS server is a solid product that's well tested.  The source 
is available and it's easy to upgrade if you find a bug.

What happens when a bug is found in the Navis?  What happens when you 
discover you have a critical need for a feature it lacks?

Best thing to do is to determine the load your RADIUS server will need, then 
benchmark Cistron and see how fast it runs.  If Cistron is 10 times faster 
than you need then you should be happy with it.

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