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ISP administratoin program

Given the recent discussions this announcement from FreshMeat may be of 
interest.  Not yet in Debian though.

[034] - ISPSuite 2.0.13
? by Martin Cameron (http://freshmeat.net/users/ca7endar/)
? Wednesday, March 13th 2002 02:48

Communications :: Email Database :: Database Engines/Servers Database ::

About: ISPSuite is a suite of modular programs written principally in PHP
and Perl for the administration of an ISP. It includes online accounting
functions, report printing, subscriber statistics, and database
manipulation. It uses ICRadius and MySQL for the generation and collection
of data. The Suite also comes with a number of utilities which automate
most of the monthly tasks that an ISP faces. It provides modules for:
dynamic Web site production for subscribers; viewing current subscribers
online; editing facilities for all data held in the database, including
subscriber details; monthly accounting functions to produce online and
printed accounts for subscribers; daily banking facilities to record
payments received by mail and electronically; Debt Collection; assigning of
static IP numbers for subscribers; calendaring and diary modules for
"bring-up" reminders. Users can change passwords, plans, and personal
details online. Subscriber control modules assist administrators with
holding, deleting, and adding email boxes for POP accounts and alias

Changes: This release adds an Aged Debtor Module which displays individual
and subscriber details. You can now email monthly accounts in HTML
formatted email to subscribers, and display the current number of distinct
logins thus far this month compared to the same period last month.
Additional utilities were included to clean out mail queues on the mail
server and backup databases into a tar file for export to a separate

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