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Re: Virtual Hosting for Email

On Fri, Dec 21, 2001 at 11:01:08PM -0800, Matthew Walkup wrote:
> Hello,

Hi !

> should be treated as seperate accounts. AND the account logins  should
> BOTH be just 'webmaster', and the pop server should be able to  figure
> out  which  user  it  is  by  the  server-name  they  are   using   ie
> 'mail.client1.com' or  'mail.client2.com'.  I  dont  even  want  shell
> access for each user, so another method  of  authentication  would  be
> best anyways. I have attempted to find  some  documentation  on  this,
> (and Im sure I'll get a  lecture  for  this  ;)  but  I  havent  found
> anything that explains it well.
> Basically:
> 1) Im wondering  if  this  is  possible,  or  what  is  the  next-best
>    solution.
> 2) Im looking for documentation on this that explains WHY  you  follow
>    the steps you do, not just how to do it.
> 3) Im looking for best deamons in your  opinions  to  use  (exim/cyrus
>    combo is what I use at work, but its a 1 domain environment).

As others already said, there is no 'Host: ' like in HTTP/1.x  so  users
have to put their entire mail address as a login.

The  Vhffs  subsystem  (Virtual  Hosting  For  Free  Software,  used  on
TuxFamily.org, a free software hosting service) uses exim  +  courier  +
mysql for providing multidomain pop/imap/webmail (ssl  or  not)  without
filling the passwd file with crap :)

You can just get the packages  as  examples  (Vhffs  is  actually  at  a
experimental devel stage...) at: 

deb      ftp://ftp.vhffs.org/debian             vhffs      main
deb-src  ftp://ftp.vhffs.org/debian             vhffs      main

> I appreciate any help you may provide,

Appreciating any feedback...

               Helios de Creisquer      <helios@balios.org>
http://www.tuxfamily.org/                        <creis@tuxfamily.org>
http://www.vhffs.org/      +33 (0)6 70 71 20 29      <creis@vhffs.org>
http://www.gnu.org/                                    <creis@gnu.org>
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