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Virtual Hosting for Email


I appologize in advanced, this may seem easy to most of you =).

In the coming weeks, my small hosting company will be moving from our
out-sourced server to our own and there is only one issue that I have yet to
figure out a solution to.

We have 1 ip, 1 server (with all services running on the one server, we have
a small client base now, so I think it should be alright).  So I need a
smtp/pop package that is light-weight, and doesnt have much overhead.  The
other thing is that since we only have one IP and will have multiple
clients, I have yet to figure out how to "virtual host" (im not even sure if
thats the correct term to use, but we use it in Apache :P) email.

webmaster@client1.com    and

should be treated as seperate accounts.  AND the account logins should BOTH
be just 'webmaster', and the pop server should be able to figure out which
user it is by the server-name they are using ie 'mail.client1.com' or
'mail.client2.com'.  I dont even want shell access for each user, so another
method of authentication would be best anyways.  I have attempted to find
some documentation on this, (and Im sure I'll get a lecture for this ;) but
I havent found anything that explains it well.


1) Im wondering if this is possible, or what is the next-best solution.
2) Im looking for documentation on this that explains WHY you follow the
steps you do, not just how to do it.
3) Im looking for best deamons in your opinions to use (exim/cyrus combo is
what I use at work, but its a 1 domain environment).

I appreciate any help you may provide,

Matthew Walkup
Morning Star Studios, LLC

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