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Re: Virtual Hosting for Email

On Fri, Dec 21, 2001 at 11:01:08PM -0800, Matthew Walkup wrote:
> webmaster@client1.com    and
> webmaster@client2.com
> should be treated as seperate accounts.  AND the account logins should BOTH
> be just 'webmaster', and the pop server should be able to figure out which
> user it is by the server-name they are using ie 'mail.client1.com' or
> 'mail.client2.com'.  I dont even want shell access for each user, so another

Like the other poster said, this is not possible, and you need your
users to specify their entire e-mail address.

I'm currently setting something like this up for my own company, and
basing it on Courier (www.courier-mta.org). I have the following setup:

	- Completely virtual accounts for all users (so no accounts for
	  mail users in the regular password file, only in a
	- Virtual domains, each their own users/passwords etc
	- Account info stored in mysql/postgres/gdb-file or textfile
	- Imap/Pop/Webmail based on the same system with virtual
	- Support for SSL/TLS in all subsystems
	  (POP3S/IMAPS/Webmail-ssl, esmtp-tls)

Setup was quite doable with the on-line documentation and some googling

Using the virtual accounts also makes sure the users can never login
using ftp/ssh/telnet/whatever, only for pop3/imap/esmtp/webmail (and you
can give them separate passwords for each if you want, so when you only
give them a pop password they cant use webmail and vice-versa)

> method of authentication would be best anyways.  I have attempted to find
> some documentation on this, (and Im sure I'll get a lecture for this ;) but
> I havent found anything that explains it well.
> 1) Im wondering if this is possible, or what is the next-best solution.
> 2) Im looking for documentation on this that explains WHY you follow the
> steps you do, not just how to do it.

The courier install docs will help you there...

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