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Anyone with UK experience of broadband?

I'm hardly an ISP but I do currently run a very low volume Apache service serving mostly plain 
HTTP from one domain and the main reason I run my own small server is that I have run a few 
small but extremely publicly useful Email lists for years now and didn't like to hand them to 

I think I need to move my server to my house and use broadband to connect it: bandwidth should 
be fine.  I'm thinking of going for BT business500+ to do the necessary.  

Main reason for move is to have easier control of the machine and, above all, to have IPTABLES 
control of attacks and antiviral scanning (particularly in the light of the effects of the recent spate 
of worms working through M$ s'ware).

I'm looking for anyone who's used a BT (I don't seem to have an alternative where I live, certainly 
NTL: and telewest don't cover) broadband connection with a debian box as firewall and NAT who 
might give me some advice for fee.

Very best all: this is an excellent list for a debian supporting amateur to lurk on!


Chris Evans <chris@psyctc.org>
Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy,
Rampton Hospital; Associate R&D Director,
Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust;
Hon. SL Institute of Psychiatry
*** My views are my own and not representative 
of those institutions ***

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