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Re: building custom kernel package

On Sun, 9 Dec 2001 01:58, Bao C. Ha wrote:
> > I've written some scripts to help manage this.  I've attached two scripts
> > for inclusion in /etc/mkinitrd/scripts directory (make sure you don't run
> > the devfs script in any other way), and the mkinitrd.conf file I use. 
> > With that and the correct /etc/mkinitrd/modules file it should all work
> > fine.
> I tried the copy-needed-modules script and it choked on
> my setup at the following module:
> blkmtd device=/dev/ide/host0/bus1/target0/lun0/disc/part2 erasesz=8

Firstly my understanding of "correct" setup for /etc/modules involves putting 
only module names in there and having the parameters defined in 
/etc/modutils/* files.  The mkinitrd process copies the /etc/modules.conf 
file (generated from /etc/modutils/*) to the initrd image so this should work 
fine.  Anyone who has opinions to the contrary please let me know.

But I'll apply your patch anyway, just to avoid any confusion, thanks for 
writing it and sending it to me.

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