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Re: Anyone with UK experience of broadband?

> I'm looking for anyone who's used a BT (I don't seem to have an alternative where I live, certainly 
> NTL: and telewest don't cover) broadband connection with a debian box as firewall and NAT who 
> might give me some advice for fee.

It's a shame that BT is your only option. IMO ntl: provide a much
classier service :(

Plus take into account that the /entire/ ADSL backbone died a couple of
times recently taking out all ADSL connections (home and business) due
to the centralised nature of BT's network :(

You don't need the Business service if you're going to be running a
Linux box - there is working support for the USB modem that BT provide
with the home service :)

It's all a PPPoE connection, so as long as the box is running, you
should be able to sustain a connection for as long as BT's ADSL backbone
is up =)

Of course it would be a wise idea to reduce the expire time on the
domain names you'll be hosting so that if your IP address does change,
your DNS updates can quickly propogate =)



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