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56K dialup for CCIL

CCIL.org, a non-profit freenet, is finally getting around to wanting 56K
dialup. A big part of the board wanting it now is our per line cost will
be cheaper and they want to double the number of users in 2002.  Too bad
they want all this done with declining donations.

One of our Network Admins Eric likes the USR Total Control and says we can
pick up a used one for a good price.  Does anyone have experience with
them or comments on the performance and reliablity?

We also offer text/shell dialup access because a few people still use slow
old machines and a number of seniors just use PINE for email.  We can keep
a few of the old analog lines going for them, but it would be prefable to
offer both ppp and shell on the same dialup pool like we are now.

We will be using OpenLDAP for authenication.  It is a must that we be able
to control users online time and vary it for a few, volunteers and other
specified people get extra time while most of the users get a couple of
hours per day and we limit it during heavy usage.  Does anyone have
comments on that issue?

CCIL is expecting to spend 5-7K on this so that kind of limits our
equipment options.  Maybe something besides the USR Total Control would be
a better choice.  Any recommendations?

We also need the digital lines (West Chester, PA), Eric is going to check
with Verizon for ISDN PRI line. 23B+1D configuration.  Does anyone have
recommendations for competing vendors?


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