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Re: 56K dialup for CCIL

On Thu, 6 Dec 2001 06:06, Chuck Peters wrote:
> One of our Network Admins Eric likes the USR Total Control and says we can
> pick up a used one for a good price.  Does anyone have experience with
> them or comments on the performance and reliablity?

A google search on "USR Total Control" turns up two security issues in the 
first page of results...

> We also offer text/shell dialup access because a few people still use slow
> old machines and a number of seniors just use PINE for email.  We can keep
> a few of the old analog lines going for them, but it would be prefable to
> offer both ppp and shell on the same dialup pool like we are now.

I suggest getting a Cyclades card and running Portslave the machine that has 
it.  It allows PPP, SLIP, telnet, rsh, and ssh connections from the terminal 
server to a specified machine (controlled by RADIUS).

> We will be using OpenLDAP for authenication.  It is a must that we be able
> to control users online time and vary it for a few, volunteers and other
> specified people get extra time while most of the users get a couple of
> hours per day and we limit it during heavy usage.  Does anyone have
> comments on that issue?

There are a number of RADIUS servers that talk LDAP.  FreeRADIUS seems pretty 
good, I expect it can do what you want. Portslave supports limiting connect 
time based on the RADIUS data.

> CCIL is expecting to spend 5-7K on this so that kind of limits our
> equipment options.  Maybe something besides the USR Total Control would be
> a better choice.  Any recommendations?

Cyclades products cost considerably less.  See http://www.cyclades.com/ .

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