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Traffic shaping and traffic accounting on one box

Hello all,

	About a year ago I set up a traffic shaping router using debian and
cbq.init to allocate measured bandwidth for a group of clients, and used
ipac to measure the actual traffic. After a month or two, I found out
that the reports generated by ipacsum were grossly inaccurate (up to 6
times as much traffic was reported as existed). As I was unable to find
the error, I simply set up a different accounting package (trafstats) on
another system, which works fine.

	I'm now being asked, however, to put trafstats and cbq on one box, and
I've reached the tentative hypothesis that the original problem was not
due to a bug in ipac, but because traffic *shaping* occurs at the point
where packets exit the computer, while traffic *accounting* occurs at
the point where packets arrive at the computer -- so trafstats will
suffer the same problem.

	My gut instinct says I'm right, but can anyone here think of an obvious
reason why this might be wrong? 

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