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Re: customizing debian apache

I actually did this a while back because I wasn't happy with the debian default suexec directory either. I don't remember exactly what I did but I remember that I started by downloading all the packages necessary to build .debs and then I grabbed the apache source files, currently that would be:

And then I grabbed all the packages listed in the .dsc file. opened up the .diff file in a text editor and searched for "suexec" made my changes and then followed the instructions about building a .deb here:


Once I figured it out it didn't take all that long and I had suexec hardwired to a directory of my choice. Of course the problem with this was that upgrading apache was no longer as simple as issuing apt-get update. So after maintaining my own layout for a few upgrades, I scrapped it and went with the Debian default because the ease of apt-get update is really one of the things that makes Debian stand above all the other Linux distros. Of course I didn't really have any issues with it other than the suexec directory.



On Wednesday, November 7, 2001, at 12:18 AM, Cameron Moore wrote:

* jdub@perkypants.org [2001.11.06 22:50]:
<quote who="Cameron Moore">

Has anyone managed to customize (as in "use your own Layout on") an
apache build from .deb source? I can't stand the debian Layout and want to customize it (or even use an existing layout that comes with apache). The problem is that all of the build scripts and whatnot assume you use
the Debian layout.

Define "layout"?

See config.layout:
 #   Debian GNU policy conforming path layout.
 <Layout Debian>
     prefix:        /usr
     exec_prefix:   $prefix
     bindir:        $exec_prefix/bin
     sbindir:       $prefix/lib+
     libexecdir:    $exec_prefix/libexec
     mandir:        $prefix/share/man
     sysconfdir:    /etc+
     datadir:       $prefix/lib
     iconsdir:      $prefix/share/apache/icons
     htdocsdir:     $datadir/htdocs
     cgidir:        $datadir/cgi-bin
     includedir:    $prefix/include+
     localstatedir: /var
     runtimedir:    $localstatedir/run
     logfiledir:    $localstatedir/log+
     proxycachedir: $localstatedir/cache+

If it's just a matter of "where served files are on the filesystem" you can
do that very easily post-install.

Possibly, but that's not what I want to do.  If you want suEXEC, you
have to know the paths at compile-time.  It would be *much* easier to be
able to define an alternative layout and have the deb package build

I'm surprised you'd have any issues with the apache packages - they are one of the most well put together and administrator-friendly sets of packages
I've ever seen.

Please point out specific issues.

- Jeff

Look in the the debian dir of the src deb.  The rules, post*, pre*, and
apacheconfig files are all hardcoded to assuming the Debian Layout.
That's all fine and good, but it restricts customization.  I'm not sure
how foobarred everything would get if a package that depends on apache
being in a certain spot, either.  Guess I need to contact the
maintainer.  :-)

I mainly want to know if anyone has done this before.  If not, I'll dig
through it myself and see what happens.  ;-)  Thanks
Cameron Moore

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