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Re: customizing debian apache

* jdub@perkypants.org [2001.11.06 22:50]:
> <quote who="Cameron Moore">
> > Has anyone managed to customize (as in "use your own Layout on") an
> > apache build from .deb source?  I can't stand the debian Layout and want
> > to customize it (or even use an existing layout that comes with apache).
> > The problem is that all of the build scripts and whatnot assume you use
> > the Debian layout.
> Define "layout"?

See config.layout:
 #   Debian GNU policy conforming path layout.
 <Layout Debian>
     prefix:        /usr
     exec_prefix:   $prefix
     bindir:        $exec_prefix/bin
     sbindir:       $prefix/lib+
     libexecdir:    $exec_prefix/libexec
     mandir:        $prefix/share/man
     sysconfdir:    /etc+
     datadir:       $prefix/lib
     iconsdir:      $prefix/share/apache/icons
     htdocsdir:     $datadir/htdocs
     cgidir:        $datadir/cgi-bin
     includedir:    $prefix/include+
     localstatedir: /var
     runtimedir:    $localstatedir/run
     logfiledir:    $localstatedir/log+
     proxycachedir: $localstatedir/cache+
> If it's just a matter of "where served files are on the filesystem" you can
> do that very easily post-install.

Possibly, but that's not what I want to do.  If you want suEXEC, you
have to know the paths at compile-time.  It would be *much* easier to be
able to define an alternative layout and have the deb package build

> I'm surprised you'd have any issues with the apache packages - they are one
> of the most well put together and administrator-friendly sets of packages
> I've ever seen.
> Please point out specific issues.
> - Jeff

Look in the the debian dir of the src deb.  The rules, post*, pre*, and
apacheconfig files are all hardcoded to assuming the Debian Layout.
That's all fine and good, but it restricts customization.  I'm not sure
how foobarred everything would get if a package that depends on apache
being in a certain spot, either.  Guess I need to contact the
maintainer.  :-)

I mainly want to know if anyone has done this before.  If not, I'll dig
through it myself and see what happens.  ;-)  Thanks
Cameron Moore

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