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Re: RAID & Hard disk performance

<quote who="Russell Coker">

> There's a number of guides that tell you about hdparm and what DMA is, but if 
> you already know that stuff then there's little good documentation.

"Oh bum." :)

> Then on the rare occasions that I do meet people who know this stuff 
> reasonably well they seem to spend all their time trying to convince me that 
> SCSI is better than IDE (regardless of benchmark results).  :(

Heh, there's a religious war waiting to happen.

> > [1] http://people.redhat.com/alikins/system_tuning.html

I've just found that iostat (in unstable's sysstat package) supports
extended I/O properties in /proc if you have sct's I/O monitoring patches.
Unfortunately, the last one on his ftp site is for 2.3.99-preBlah. I sent an
email to lkml last night to see if there's a newer patch - I'll follow up
here if so.

Thanks Russell,

- Jeff

                           Wars end, love lasts.                            

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