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RAID & Hard disk performance

<quote who="Russell Coker">

> RAID-5 is another issue though.  But then you have to consider that Linux 
> software RAID kills the performance of most hardware RAID controllers.  Run 
> an Athlon 800 with two IDE drives in RAID-1 and expect 2-4 times the 
> performance for bulk IO that an entry level Mylex RAID controller with Ultra2 
> SCSI 10K rpm drives.  I expect that a top-end Mylex controller will perform 
> well (but who can afford one of them?).


Russell, do you know of any Linux I/O and hard disk performance guides?
I've recently read Adrian Likins' system tuning page [1] and am interested
too see if there's anything more specific.

Thanks for bonnie++ btw,

- Jeff

[1] http://people.redhat.com/alikins/system_tuning.html

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