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Re: vmailmgr issue

On Fri, Sep 28, 2001 at 12:00:11PM -0700, Loopshot Operator wrote:
> I don't know about vmailmgr, but from what I remember, vpopmail was 
> the newer version of vmailmgr (I *think*), and I have vpopmail 

>From what I can find you are correct, thanks for the heads up.

This time I got qmail, vpopmail AND qmail admin working AND I can USE it :)

When attempting to start qmail I get:
alert: cannot start: unable to read controls

A search on google mainly returns the manpage for qmail-log ... not really
any help.

Looking at some other issues I checked the perms for both /var/lib/qmail and
/var/qmail, etc. and made sure they were all the same (alias.qmail).

Any ideas? qmail was installed from apt (qmail-src, build-qmail, etc.)

I hate admining email... no wonder I've never had to do this before.


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