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Re: vmailmgr issue

I don't know about vmailmgr, but from what I remember, vpopmail was the newer version of vmailmgr (I *think*), and I have vpopmail running very nicely along with courier-imapd, courier-pop, qmail, sqwebmail, and qmailadmin... Everything works like a champ.

I installed everything from source (I'm anal like that, and like full control over config flags and what-not). Anyhow, give that a shot. More detailed vpopmail and qmail info is available at http://www.inter7.com.

Hope this helps!

I'm sure there is a way... I'm just bashing my head against the wall now...

I'm attempting to setup vmailmgr on my Sid box and I can't get it to run.

I first installed from source but I wasn't sure of the install so I alien'ed
the RPMs and now I feel - slighly - more confedent. I had to move some files
around but it _looks_ right.

I've also installed ucspi-tcp but this did not give me a needed file

Has anyone gotten vmailmgr to run on a Debian box? Is there some deb's
anywhere? I couldn't find any.


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