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Re: Moving mail spool into home directories

On Mon, 10 Sep 2001 20:00, Shane Wegner wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 04:44:26PM +0200, Russell Coker wrote:
> > On Mon, 10 Sep 2001 06:10, Shane Wegner wrote:
> > > I am looking at the possibility of moving the incoming
> > > mailboxes on our server from /var/mail to a location
> > > somewhere inside the user's home directory.  Reasons range
> >
> > I thought that was the standard practice, I've set up many dozens of
> > servers in such a fashion running Maildir storage.
> Actually I'd never seriously considered maildir storage.
> Primarily because SendMail doesn't support it.  Though
> other MTAs do, we're all familiar with SendMail here.  Am I
> wrong about this?  Is there maildir support in SendMail?

Tell Sendmail to deliver via Procmail (which is a really good idea anyway) 
and it'll do Maildir just as easily as any other mail server.

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