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Re: Moving mail spool into home directories

On Mon, 10 Sep 2001 06:10, Shane Wegner wrote:
> I am looking at the possibility of moving the incoming
> mailboxes on our server from /var/mail to a location
> somewhere inside the user's home directory.  Reasons range
> Has anyone done this using Debian?  Mainly I'm wondering if

I thought that was the standard practice, I've set up many dozens of servers 
in such a fashion running Maildir storage.

> any tools need to be modified such as pop3d or imapd.  It
> looks like they recognize the $HOME/mbox mailbox as a valid
> folder.  Should I use this to deliver incoming mail?

I suggest using Maildir storage.  Maildir is often much faster than mbox 
(especially for the POP "list" command and IMAP operations), and it's NFS 
safe and generally more resiliant than mbox.  Also the default location for 
Maildir storage is the user's home directory, so all the Maildir capable 
software will work well with this.

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