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Moving mail spool into home directories

Hi all,

I am looking at the possibility of moving the incoming
mailboxes on our server from /var/mail to a location
somewhere inside the user's home directory.  Reasons range
from having the user subject to a single quota and
distributing the mail load onto multiple disks so as the
chances the mail partition will fill up is minimized.

Has anyone done this using Debian?  Mainly I'm wondering if
any tools need to be modified such as pop3d or imapd.  It
looks like they recognize the $HOME/mbox mailbox as a valid
folder.  Should I use this to deliver incoming mail?

The other thing I could do is symlink /var/mail/<username>
to a file in their home directory.  This however depends on
the user not deleting that symlink.

Any incites or suggestions are most welcome.


Shane Wegner: shane@cm.nu
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