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Re: Partition Help

So right now everything is on the / partition?  Then what you want to do is
blow away that huge unused partition and make partitions for atleast /tmp
/var /home.  /usr if you want plus the swap.  You need to size out how much
room each of those dir trees is going to need.  Then take the box offline
and mount the new partitions to /mnt.  e.g. /mnt/var.  Edit /etc/mtab to
mount the new partions at boot.  Then move the old dirs under / to their new
locations.  e.g. mv /var /mnt/var.  Then reboot.  The box shouldn't know the

At 08:38 AM 9/10/01 -0500, Information wrote:
>We noticed the other day that we only had about 200 meg of space left left
>on the drive. We did a df and found we only had 950 meg of space on the /
>partition. We have an extended that that is the rest of the drive with a
>regular Linux partition and the swap at the end. Our problem is the box does
>not see this. We need to have this space and are not sure how to proceed.
>Can we:
>A. remove the extended and swap partition and put new ones in with the
>needed space applied to /usr -- /var -- and /home and add /swap and not
>loose the clients we have?
>B. If so can we do this from the command line or from Webmin?
>C. Will we have to do this from a console into the machine?

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