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need advise: productive HDD is down

Hello All!

On Friday during thunderstorm productive HDD on our mail machine,
though being connected through UPS, fallen down with interesting
symptoms. Is boots as usually, LILO and other stuff but when it is
time to mount root partition, kernel panics with error "Cannot mount

When connected it to another Debian (of course :) machine, fdisk says
all partitions are ok, this 3G, this 1G etc. but "mount" refuses to
mount any of damaged partitions.

fsck (e2fsck) refuses to fix anything telling different things on
different partitions, "Cannot mount FAT due to some blah blah blah" or
"superblock is damaged try to run e2fsck -b 8193 blah blah blah" which
is also failed (I mean e2fsck -b 8193).

Are there any tools to explore and optionally restore damaged ext2fs as
we have clients mail and some sites there? Please advise some package
names to look at.

Dmitry Litovchenko

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