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Re: q ad ftp- w/o system-accounts

> Hmm, I don´t want to cope with LDAP and/or MySQL just for a bunch of
> ftp-accounts (~ 30). Flat berkeley-db-files are much more appealing
> for such small numbers (they´re definitely not supposed to grow, not on
> this box, it´s just that I´m much more security-aware since it was
> hacked not long ago).

 I agree. 30 accounts is not much. Now to say that it's not enough for you
to deploy a scalable (and very secure) solution that would solve your
problem(s), I disagree. I wrote a doc explaining how to install MySQL step
by step. If you keep your installation current and up-to-date, you should be
ok when it comes to security.

 I basically suggest you give it a shot. After all, it does solve your


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