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Re: Hijacked

On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 02:32:03PM -0500, All Internet Services wrote:
> I am running Debian Linux 2.19. On one of my site, which
> I switched from old domain to new. There is a strange problem.
> I am hosting a site   http://www.jennswing.com
> on this server. When the site is brought, then instead of
> the original page, it brings the Debian Welcome page.
> I do not have the this page (index.html) in my /var/www directory.
> I also move or remove this page whenever I install a new linux
> or apache on the system.
> When I do nslookup on the server, it gives me the right address.
> And if I use lynx for this site it brings the original site. But when
> I try to bring up the site on any machine other than the server, it
> brings the Debian Welcome. It looks me some one hijacked the address.

So, in lynx you get the site you want?  And in IE/Netscape you get the
debian site, right?

If so, you have to turn off virtual hosting, assuming that you only
have a single domain on this server.  If you have several domains you
will have to learn about the <virtualhost> parameter.


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