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I am running Debian Linux 2.19. On one of my site, which
I switched from old domain to new. There is a strange problem.
I am hosting a site   http://www.jennswing.com
on this server. When the site is brought, then instead of
the original page, it brings the Debian Welcome page.
I do not have the this page (index.html) in my /var/www directory.
I also move or remove this page whenever I install a new linux
or apache on the system.
When I do nslookup on the server, it gives me the right address.
And if I use lynx for this site it brings the original site. But when
I try to bring up the site on any machine other than the server, it
brings the Debian Welcome. It looks me some one hijacked the address.
Any help will be extremely appreciated.
Abu Umair
All Internet Services

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