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Re: help with site+database

On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 05:41:11PM +0200, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Jul 2001 13:25, Peter Billson wrote:
> > > Oracle will do the trick, but the installation on linux seems so fragile:
> >
> >     My experience with Oracle has been great under Linux. I have a
> > client that is running a couple of beefy Dell Poweredge servers (2-zenon
> A few months ago I tried installing Oracle on a Debian system, I didn't even 
> want Oracle itself, I only wanted the client libraries for talking to an 
> Oracle server and the software development kit.  So I wanted the libraries, 
> Perl libraries, and the SQL interpreter.
> There were no tarballs, RPM, or Deb packages, so I had to run the install 
> program.  It was an ELF format executable that gave a strange error message.  
> Stracing it showed that it was trying to run a shell script that ran a java 
> program which then ran another ELF binary!!!  I spent a few days trying to 
> track down what was going on (and hack in extra environment variables to the 
> scripts etc).  I encountered a number of problems including inexplicable 
> failures if I used native threads through Java (Green threads worked).

> The installation and maintenance of Oracle is a tricky thing.  Oracle 
> consultants are also very expensive (and generally not excessively skillful 
> in my experience).  For these reasons I'd recommend Postgres over Oracle for 
> serious applications.

yes, that is pretty much what I've concluded.

I remember the pain.  If it is necessary to run the installer on a 
working system because one did not install everything
just right the first time with 100% foresight, one risks taking down
everything.  Much worse than the old linux 'make config' on a slow alpha.
Unset LANG, ignore all the errors, relink with the stub libraries, don't
install the sample database so you have install minimum, then run installer
again to add custom features, ignore errors, relink libraries.  Get everything 
right.  Oh damn, I forgot to patch the makefiles this go around, might as
well symlink /usr/bin/hostname /bin/hostname: cruft.  A couple hour 
"interactive" process by the time one actually gets a database configured
and running (dual PII350, 512M, SCSI) - assuming one did everything right 
and followed a good install guide.  (SUSE and arsdigita)

It's not "apt-get install oracle".  The A-E set in 1994 was **way** easier.



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