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Re: help with site+database

> Oracle will do the trick, but the installation on linux seems so fragile:
    My experience with Oracle has been great under Linux. I have a
client that is running a couple of beefy Dell Poweredge servers (2-zenon
1Ghz chips, 2Gb memory, 300Gb RAID array, etc.) with multiple, very
large (30+ million records) Oracle databases with hundreds of users on
each that have been bulletproof.
  The customer is so satisfied that they are migrating some more of
their NT/2000 installs to Linux.
  Older kernels (2.2x) that didn't support large files, lots of memory
and SMP well didn't do so well but the 2.4.x series has addressed all of
those issues. RedHat's 6.2EE series applied a lot of the 2.4
modifications to the 2.2 series kernel and worked very well with
Oracle... RedHat, Dell and Oracle even supported this combination!

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