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Re: Power down

That is a function of the bios.  Some support it, some don't.  Either your
bios's don't support it (my suspicion) or shutdown isn't sending the signal.
'man shutdown' might have some useful insight.  I'ld also call the
motherboard manufacturer to make sure they support self power off.  Also
check the bios config to see if it's there and/or enabled.

At 07:22 PM 7/6/01 -1000, D wrote:
>Please excuse the simple question, but it's something that's been bothering
me.  I've been running various debian machines as servers for quite some
time now.  The problem started when I got two new servers.  All of the other
machines (excluding the two new ones) were on the older side ( <= P2 ).  The
problem is that when I shut down the servers.. they don't turn off.  It's
particularly irritating to me because all of my servers run headless.  With
my older machines, I never gave a second thought to the shut down process as
they'd always turn themselves off as soon they finished wrapping things up.
The new ones just halt and stay on.  To make things even worse.. the hard
drives in the new machines are so quiet I can't tell if they've finished
>Anyway, does this have something to do with newer power management stuff in
the bios?  Something changed in the debian configs?  All i'd like is for the
servers to turn themselves off at system halt like my old servers do.
>Thanks for your time

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